Field Day

Ahh, field day…

14021745_10153668427261861_8389460977364035656_nHopefully we’ll have more Rovers there next year.


There ended up being tug of war:

We beat Odessy (well Colin and a sub)


We beat them again…

We lose (spectacularly) to Prometheus


9th Irene is fortunate to be one of very few groups to have all 3 branches of the Scouts organisation (Cubs, Scouts & Rovers), glad our Scouts & Rovers attended


Spiderweb! What a great time to ask someone to join #ProphecyRoverCrew. Good luck Chandrétjie for the exams! Looking forward to seeing what social project and service you have planned so we can get you officially invested^_^ Thanks Gav for the pic! As our technically newest squire we shall get a manditory horrible photo of you on here soon

June 1

St. Georges day 2012

On the 23rd of April Irene Rover Crew held as our first event that included other Crew an evening centered around Vortex Canons.

The vortex Canons where simple cardboard box’s that are sealed with tape and have a circular hole cut in them. When hit on the sides they emit a puff of smoke of air in the shape of a ring that is capable of knocking small objects over (ie.Paper Cups).  Filling the box with smoke makes it easier to aim as you can see the vortex ring. The smoke also makes it way more fun.A big thank you to all the crew who came through. North West, Phoenix and Prometheus.

Outdoor Expo and Scouts

The annual Outdoor Expo in Gauteng takes place at Waterfall Estates in Midrand from the 8th to 12th June 2012.  The Outdoor Expo bring thousands of Nature and Adventure enthusiast to one venue each year. These are the same people that should be involved in Scouting.

Scouts Gauteng approached the organisers to build a huge pioneering structure which they have accepted.  The plan is to build a massive tower that will function as the Gateway to the Expo.The model is 2.4m tall and the allocated stand is 20m by 20m.Below is a list of general equipment that we need. ·

10 x 9m Poles

40 x 6m Poles

20 x 5m Poles

30 x 3m Poles

30 x <2.6m and below Poles

300+ Ropes

Plenty of Stakes

The Isengard Tower when complete will stand at 24m high and will have base of 6m x 6m.The tower will act as the gateway for the show where all visitors will purchase their tickets. At this point we would like to ask for your assistance in building the massive tower. We are looking for Springbok Scouts and Scouters to manage the various stages and parts of the project, we are also looking for senior scouts (14yrs) to build the project. Without a strong and large work force, this cannot be done.

Not your grandfather’s Boy Scouts

February 21st, 2011, 12:52 pm by Mike Published in The Aquinian, February 16, 2011, by Stephanie Kelly:

Mike Stewart won’t be selling cookies on your doorstep anytime soon.

The 19-year-old engineering student is a scout with the 1st Rivorton Rovers at UNB and says there’s a lot of misconceptions about the group.

“It’s not your grandfather’s boy scouts,” he said.

Rovers are the most senior section of Scouts Canada, for people aged 18 to 26. The Rivorton group started five years ago at UNB and has grown to over 30 members from the UNB and STU community.

The group’s mission is to promote outdoor adventure and community service. They host activities like hiking and camping and reach out to the community with events like their flood relief project.

This past weekend the Rovers held their first annual Winter Adventure Weekend. One hundred students signed up for the event, but the group could only take 50 students for two days of winter outdoor activities at Yoho Scout Reserve.

“The response was overwhelming,” Stewart said.

“This event this weekend is all about reaching out to the student community, showing them the stuff that we do,” he said. “We all love the outdoors and we just want to share.”

Stewart is lifelong Scout. He began as a Beaver when he was five years old and has never looked back.

“Scouting has had a huge impact on my life,” he said.

“I remember getting stuck at the top of a mountain in Cape Breton in gale force winds that were knocking you over,” he said. “People had hypothermia in July, because it was raining torrentially.

“But it was awesome.”

So why, after all these years is he still involved? For Stewart, it’s about acknowledging something that has been a big part of his life for the past 14 years.

“My involvement at this point is all about giving back to scouting, giving back to the community,” he said.

Jen Purdue is newer to the world of scouting. She’s been involved for three years and is thrilled to be a Rover.

“You’re part of a movement, so you have that sense of community,” she said.

Purdue says the public doesn’t understand the scouting community, what they stand for and who can join.

“They have this image that we’re all childish and juvenile and we don’t really do anything beyond giving badges and selling cookies [which we don’t actually do],” she said.

Right now, the 1st Rivorton Rovers is the only group of its kind in New Brunswick. They plan on expanding to Mount Allison University and possibly UNBSJ.